Faculty and Staff

Our Hoffman Hornets Team:

Jeana Morrison-Adams [email protected] Principal
Hope Garza [email protected]
Asst. Principal
Comeneci Noble Taylor [email protected] Asst. Principal for Curriculum
Cedric Stewart [email protected] Asst. Principal
Nashombi Alexander [email protected] SPED Counselor
Jennifer Crawford [email protected] Counselor
Yulanda Humber-Dixon [email protected] Counselor
Faculty and Staff

Melissa Barrera Robey [email protected] Science Teacher
Katrina Barrett [email protected] ELA Teacher
Andrew Bartos [email protected] Math Teacher
Carolyn Bell [email protected] Classroom Support
Adrienne Black [email protected] Math Teacher
Jullian Bolden [email protected] ELA Teacher
William Brewton [email protected] CTE Teacher
LeAnn Broadus-Bowers [email protected] Choir Teacher
Stephanie Carey-Johnson [email protected] AP Support Services
Jonathan Clark [email protected] GAP Teacher
Barbara Clemons [email protected] Teacher/Dept. Chair
Chad Cochran [email protected] Digital Specialist
Nonrie Cooper [email protected] Teacher
Sherry Dickey [email protected] Social Studies Teacher
Nyance Dillon [email protected] Classroom Support
Ladji Diomande [email protected] Teacher
Margie Ellis [email protected] Art Teacher
Anna Escamilla [email protected] Registrar
Roslyn Felix [email protected] SLC
Megan Finstad [email protected] Asst. Dir. Band
Craig Gantt [email protected] Science Teacher
Soleta Giboyeaux [email protected] ELA Teacher
Candazia Giles Haynes [email protected] Math Teacher
Jamal Glover [email protected] CTE Teacher
Garry Grace [email protected] LOTC Instructor
Carla Graham [email protected] Support
Kimberly Green [email protected] SPED Para.
Susan Guy [email protected] Social Studies Teacher
Adrienne Hammonds Traylor [email protected] Math Teacher
Deborah Hannagriff [email protected] Art Teacher
Deralph Hartsfield-Guy [email protected] Science Teacher
Ebony Hawkins-Reynolds [email protected] Math Teacher
Trey Henry [email protected] Math Teacher
Mark Henson [email protected] SPED Teacher
Melinda Herschkorn [email protected] Theater Teacher
Christin Hill [email protected] Science Teacher
Johanna Hollis [email protected] SPED Teacher
Tracy Hooper [email protected] Dyslexia/Irlen Specialist
Deborah Huff [email protected] Math Teacher
Krystle Itzen [email protected] ELA Teacher
Melody Jones [email protected] Receptionist
Wandolyn Jones [email protected] Reading Improvement Teacher
Roslyn Jordan [email protected] SLC
Marianne Kosik [email protected] CTE Teacher/Dept. Chair
Bethany Leadon [email protected] SLC Teacher
Corissa Lee [email protected] Classroom Support
Lovierene Little [email protected] SLC
Shundria Long [email protected] SLC
Kendra Love [email protected] ELA Teacher
Jashaundra Manning [email protected] SLC
Casey Mansur Reinninger [email protected] Teacher
Jessica Mark [email protected] Teacher
Endamne Nguema [email protected] Social Studies Teacher
Velica Mason [email protected] Science Teacher
Derrick McWilliams [email protected] History Teacher
Aryanna Meekins Ross [email protected] SLC Teacher
Bernadette Mitchell [email protected] CTE Teacher
Jessica Morales [email protected] Teacher
Gracie Morris [email protected] Nurse
Anthony Nemons [email protected] Science Skills Specialist
Jasmine Oguntuga [email protected] ELA Teacher/Dept. Chair
Angelica Oidor [email protected] Math Teacher
Angela Oneal [email protected] Attendance
Deanna Paulus [email protected] AEA Teacher
Nathanial Peake [email protected] ELA Teacher
Krishonda Potts [email protected] Testing Coordinator
Lakeydra Preston [email protected] Math Skills Specialist
Emily Puetz [email protected] Performing/Fine Arts Dept. Chair.
Tiana Randle-Bean [email protected] ELA Skills Specialist
Danielle Robinson [email protected] SAC
Janice Robinson [email protected] Child Spec.
Yadira Salinas [email protected] Principal Secretary
William Schaller [email protected] Librarian
Tony Stanton [email protected] Teacher/Coach
Edna Strong [email protected] Math Teacher
Evan Thompson [email protected] Teacher/Coach
Gaybriel Toliver [email protected] Bookeeper
Tenisha Townsend [email protected] Teacher/Coach
Ritcha Upadhyay [email protected] Science Teacher
Dana Washington [email protected] Diagnostician
Flenda Whitney [email protected] SLC Teacher
Rodrick Wilborn [email protected] Teacher/Coach
Ja Miya Williams [email protected] Social Studies Teacher
Dominique Young [email protected] RTI Teacher
Efrain Zavala Cisneros [email protected] Spanish Teacher
Melissa Vela [email protected] ELA Teacher
William Price [email protected] Lead Custodial Educator
/Head Custodian
Maria Alvarado Custodial Educator
Deidra Barrow Custodial Educator
Jose Becerra Custodial Educator
Ines Coloma Ortega Custodial Educator
Martin Howard Custodial Educator
Jovita Perez Custodial Educator
Food Services
La'Shuw Rolison [email protected]
Tracie Davis Food Service
Marquell Devine Food Service
Lisa Whitley Food Service
Charse Hamilton Food Service
Silvia Quintanilla Food Service
La'Shuw Rolison Food Service