Course Offerings and Programs

Student Reading

Hoffman Middle School offers a challenging and comprehensive curriculum along with enriching elective programs.   The full range of course offerings and programs support students in optimal academic and social growth.  

Core classes include English/Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies with accelerated and enrichment programs for each core class that include Gifted and Talented, Accelerated level, English as a Second Language, Special Education classes.

Interventions:  Reading Improvement, Math Improvement, RtI, Dyslexia 

Visual and Performing Arts:  Art I - III, Art 1 (HS credit), Choir, Band, Theater Arts

Health and Wellness:  PE, Athletics, LOTC

Foreign Language:  Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish for Spanish Speakers I & II, French I, French II (High School credit)

Career and Technical Education:  College Career Readiness, Intro to Computer Science, Intro to Programming, Fundamentals of Computer Science